“Improving Growth with Science and Technology Since 1976”
Associations, Memberships and Affiliations
Fluid Fertilizer Foundation
Association of American Plan Food Control Officials
AOAC International
Georgia Plant Food Educational Society, Inc
Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency
Department of Agricultural Marketing Services
Minnesota Department of Ag Manure Proficiency
North American Proficiency Testing Program NAPT
National Forage Testing Association NFTA
North Carolina Department of Agriculture
USDA FSIS Food Safety Inspection Service

Associations, Membership, and Affiliations

  • Soil and Plant Analysis Council
  • Association of Florida Phosphate Chemists
  • Association of American Plant Control Officials
  • Association of American Feed  Control Officials
  • AOAC International
  • Fluid Fertilizer Foundation
  • Georgia Plant Food Association
  • Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Association
  • Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association

Certifications, Accreditation, and Proficiency Programs

  • North American Proficiency Testing Program (NAPT)
  • USDA Food Safety Inspection Service Accreditation (USDA/FSIS)
  • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA/AMS)
  • Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO)
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture Manure Testing Laboratory Certification
  • Illinois Soil Testing Association
  • Association of American Plant Control Officials Magruder Fertilizer Check Program (AAPFCO)
  • North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Division of Water Quality (NCDENR/DWQ)
  • Association of Fertilizer and Phosphate Chemists (AFPC)
  • Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
  • National Forage Testing Association (NFTA)
  • AOAC Pathogen Free M02 Microbiological Program
  • AOAC Pathogen Free M01 Microbiological Program
  • Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program (ALP)
  • American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS)
  • NSI Solutions
  • ISO17025 Microbiological/Chlorinated Pesticide Analysis